My business has been affected by several robberies over the past year since we operate from a very central industrial area and we decided to invest in an automatic gate for the property as one of the security features. The motor installation was really quick and secure, and it has operated very well since the installation. Thank you. We were also quite surprised to learn that your company also does electric fencing and CCTV installation and I am pleased to say that we did this all with minimum hassle and what I feel was very reasonably priced for the security which it has provided for our employees, warehouse and vehicles. You are the best.

Gafieth Moses


We bought our little house in the suburbs a few months ago and only had one concern – security. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. We were worried about the cost of such a big step having just spent a fair amount of money on the purchase of the house, but we were not only offered several options to choose from that could fit within our budget, but I feel we were never ‘forced’ to with any one option in particular. Your salespeople are knowledgeable and patient and we are so pleased that we now have a fully automated gate with CCTV as well (not part of the plan, but it was so affordable that we could add this in). Our gratitude for the peace of mind you have given us.

Veronica Heermann


Guys, thanks for taking the time to come and repair our electric fence this weekend past. After a big windstorm, we had a huge tree fall on the border of our property and destroy our much-needed fence. When you are used to this type of security it is devastating to be without it. Your technical people were quick and thorough and in no time the fence was back to new and working perfectly. We would recommend you to anyone who is in need to this type of repair.

Julian Mhlongo