Frequently Asked Questions at Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg

How long does a gate motor last?

Would you believe that gate motor batteries can last for up to two to three years? This said, looking after them well and performing regular maintenance checks and cleaning helps them last. Your gate motor technical team will be able to advise you on how you may ensure a long life for your battery, simply by taking care of them after their installation and during their operating life.


How does a gate motor work?

Electric gate motor systems work by means of an electric system, whether solar powered or connected to an electrical current. Technical dynamics powers your gate motor and it can consequently be opened and closed via an electric powered mechanism which functions on a specific power source and is connected to a gearbox. This is consequently connected with the gate itself, which facilitates the easy opening and closing of the gate, either remotely or via a motion sensor.


How do automatic gate sensors work?

Some types of automatic gates operate by means ofrevolutionary sensors that are able to trigger motion. However, this requires diligent maintenance of the area around your sensor, as should the sensors be obscured by anything in the way, the automatic gate will not open at all. One should ensure that the area surrounding your gate is kept clear of dirt and debris and that any plant growth that may cover your sensor is trimmed down or removed regularly. Even a humble spider’s web has the capacity to render your sensor useless – regular housekeeping is key to ensure that your sensors are able to do their job.