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Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg

We believe in security and we know how to provide it. People tend to look directly around their homes for means and measures to install protection for their assets, but have you considered that the perimeter of your property may be the first vulnerable area you need to look out for? You have a fabulous electric fence or a high wall, but what about your entrance gate? Does its opening and closing manually leave you and your property at great risk? Automated gates are a sure way to ensure that your gate function becomes a security measure.

Your electric gate is driven by a wonderful little piece of technology called a gate motor. These have been engineered to push and pull gates open without any human interaction bar the push of a button or by sensor identification.

Gate motors are prone to occasional failure due to them being of technical and electrotechnical nature. Thankfully, it is not necessary to have to completely replace a faulty gate motor, but companies such as us offer technical expertise enabling our contractors tobe completely capable of repairing gate motors. As opposed to past years, companies have access to a multitude of parts and tools that assist them in trouble-shooting your gate motor problem and be able to rectify it quickly and with great success.

Don’t be alarmed should our gate motor fail – help is a call away and chances are that your problem is one that may be easily resolved by means of a small replacement part or a tweak here and there. Technical teams are on standby to assess and evaluate your gate motor and you can be assured that you will be in excellent hands. Guaranteed work and premium mechanical parts form part and parcel of great repair service. Contract us as your gate motor specialist today and get the ball rolling to heightened security.